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The Dinzels. A life dedicated to dance, research and teaching Tango.

Gloria Inés Varo (1947-2018) and Carlos Rodolfo Dinzelbacher (1950-2015) were a celebrated Argentinian tango dancing couple.

These illustrious dancers and choreographers participated in the renowned show “Tango Argentino” between 1985 and 1989 in the United States of America.  The show made its debut on October 9th 1985 at the Mark Hellinger Theatre on Broadway. Its success relaunched Argentinian Tango and its artists on an international level. 

During their brilliant trajectory they performed presentations and taught courses and seminars throughout the planet, in places such as United States of America, Canada, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, United Kingdom, Sweden, Latin America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Thailand. They obtained innumerable prizes and nominations, the latter including a Broadway Tony Award nomination for best choreography. 

In 1988 they established “The Dinzel Academy” in Argentina, in the neighbourhood known as San Telmo. They later moved to the neighbourhood known as Villa Crespo where they called themselves “The Dinzel Studio”. They worked as directors of the dance major at the Tango University of Buenos Aires, currently known as the Tango Learning Centre (CETBA), where they applied the “Dinzel System” as their educational method.

They conducted research enterprises and published several plays such as: “El Tango: Una danza. Esa ansiosa búsqueda de la libertad” (which means “Tango: a dance. That anxious search for freedom”) i 1994; “El Tango, una Danza. Esquema D: Sistema Dinzel de Notación Coreográfica”(which means, “Tango, a dance. Design D: the Dinzel System of Choreographical Notation”) in 1997, which was reedited in 2011. This piece, together with “El Tango, una Danza. Mi Tango” (which means “Tango, a dance. My Tango” from 2012 were performed by the Bolshoi Theatre from Moscow. In the year 2002 they were appointed as directors at the “Tango Dance School” at the Centro Cultural Konex and as chair presidents of the dance department at the Tango School of the Konex Foundation. In 2013 they were recognized as Esteemed Personalities by the city of Buenos Aires.

We thank “The Dinzels” for all their magic and for their love for dance, its broadcasting and its teaching.

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