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The Rivarola couple

Tango as a flag around the world

María and Carlos; Carlos and María. The order doesn´t really matter, the Rivarola couple make it look like they are one. Since their young, in the 1970´s, Carlos Rivarola and María del Carmen Rodríguez met and they became one of the most constructive dance couples in the international tango world.

These were turbulent years for tango movement. During the 70´s and 80´s, tango was not Heard, nor seen and it was not as popular in Argentina as it had been in the 1940´s and 50´s. The fans of this genre were worried because of the downfall of this art and because younger generations did not fight for tango to stay alive.

However, thanks to a few young people who were enthusiastic for dance, tango had another gateway and made it through, though far away from its original waters. This was the time when new talents got tango outside to the world, away from the Río de la Plata.

This was the case of the Rivarola couple (recognized by their artistic name). A couple that had initiated in this dance a few years ago and who got to perform in Perú, Colombia and Venezuela as a part of the Nélida and Nelson show.

In 1983, while they were in Paris, they delivered an excellent and successful performance that relocated tango in the best shows in the world. This performance was in the Claudio Segovia´s and Hector Orezzoli´s show “Tango Argentino” that stayed on top for ten years.

South America, Europe and then Asia. If there was a place to be conquered or discovered, the Rivarola couple was willing to go there and proudly wear the tango flag. This was what happened in Japan, where they established a special relationship since their arrival in 1984. Their labor int his Asian country was filled with an air of inclusion and teachings. They were able to create a show that was made up entirely by Japanese dancers, musicians and singers. An unprecedented show with in this country and new to the rest of the tango world.

This enchantment between the couple and Japan had as a result a show that was elaborated especially for the Japanese audience. This was in 1996 and the show was named “Los Grandes del Tango Argentino” and it featured great dancers, such as Juan Carlos Copes, María Nieves, Nélida and Nelson, among others.

The labor of reconstructing the milonga art, delivered by the Rivarola couple, has been deeply appreciated by the tango community. Specially by the audience and Argentine organizations, that have honor them by offering them the membership and following participation in the Tango National Academy.

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