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To Mora Godoy

Opus laudat artificem (the artista is known due to his work)

Profesional dancer, choreographer and artist. She initially grounded her steps under the academia’s discipline and the schools where she studied dance, yet it was her avant-garde artistic spirit that lead her to later define her modern tango dancer style with colours and identity.  And we loved it. 

Only one year later after after having begun studying tango she became a soloist at the Compañía Tango x 2, directed by Miguel Ángel Zotto to later dance the leading role in “Perfume de Tango” (which means “Tango Perfume”) and “Una noche de Tango” (which means “A Tango Night”) on tours and worldwide presentations.

She iniciated her curriculum as a choreographer in the show “Tango Fatal” (which means “Fatal Tango”), in which she also performed as leading dancer and director. She continued with shows as big as “Mirando al Sur” (which means “Looking South”), interpreted by Maximiliano Guerra, and the musical “Tanguera”, which she not only directed the choreographies, she also played the leading role. It was given the Best Musical Award prize by Clarin, and it was performed for six years in several countries around the world.  Shangai’s critics selected it as the Best Musical of the Year.

As is all of this wasn’t enough, her inventiveness and her proactive personality lead her to be summoned by the documentary “Abrazos, Tango en Buenos Aires” (which means “Hugs, Tango in Buenos Aires), and she appeared in a Rolling Stone’s concert as the best representative of Tango dance when the band visited Argentina in February of 2006. On that same year, “Tangorama made its debut in Buenos Aires, in which she played the leading role, directed and was choreographer of the 2006 and 2007 seasons. In 2008 she opened the World Championship of Tango Dance and composed pieces for the musical “Eva”, where she participated as choreographer. She designed the choreographies for Iñaki Urlezaga’s play “Siempre Buenos Aires” (which means always “Buenos Aires”), which debuted at the Teatro Nacional Cervantes before the international tour. 

In the year 2011 the play “Amor Tango” (which means “Tango Love”) debuts in the context of the Tango Buenos Aires Festival and the Tango World Competition.  This new show was seen by more than 200000 spectators.  On the same year she was invited as an artist and as international jury at the Atenas Tango Acropolis festival, and in Buenos Aires, the Mora Godoy Company performed more than 80 shows at companies and institutions. The next year, a new musical made its debut: “Chantecler Tango”. At this point, Mora Godoy had become an example of modern tango. She carried out the television series “Así se baila tango” (which means “This is how Tango is danced”), in which the only purpose was to direct, as if in a tutorial, some recommendations and some technique tricks to learn how to dance Tango.

In 2016, with her characteristic boldness of who determines to achieve whatever he or she sets her mind on, the dancer accomplished what she had committed herself to: she danced at the dinner gala organized by former president Mauricio Macri in front of the president of the United States of America at that time, Barack Obama, during his visit to Argentina. She defied protocols and told herself she would go ahead and do it, and tossed her head at him, Inviting him to dance. The flashes at the salon didn’t stop:  the most important and influential political figure in the world was dancing “Por una cabeza” in a duet with the spirited argentine dancer.

The beautiful dancer continued to immerse in show business and in the fame that comes with it. It was like this that she participated in the well-known and popular reality argentine television show called “Bailando por un sueño” (which means “Dancing for a dream”), from which we can remember her memorable performance dancing “La Cumparsita”.  She also broke a Guinness recordat the well-known television show called “ShowMatch”, when she danced on a 65 metres high platform beside the iconic Obelisco in Buenos Aires.

From Fashion Tango, we say to Mora Godoy, the sensual woman from the city of La Plata with a charismatic smile, who has dedicated time to teach and direct new dancing talents, “Please don’t stop”!

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